Sunday, July 29, 2018

Wedding Cake Cracked

As much as I believe in it, the following is not really an accurate statement.  There is a memory in objects.  I feel this strongly as a visual person, because when I look at an object I have thoughts.  I might even have memories associated with a particular object.  The memory isn't actually in the object (though it feels that way) but in my head and the associations that have been built by experience.

The object that is bringing about these words is actually a replica of an earlier object.  A wedding cake to be exact.  The memories aren't my own but those of others who have told me the memory.  Their memories have become my own.  Back to the anniversary cake.  The most striking feature is the huge crack that crosses the surface and runs deep.  Definitely not a feature of most cakes served at anniversary receptions.  Most cakes are pristine and beautiful in their perfection.  For this cake the fault line marring it is the beauty.  It also speaks of the stories that are hidden by the surface--reminding me to never judge a book by its cover.

In 1968 two wonderful people married and became even more wonderful.  You might ask if that is possible, but if you knew these two you would not ask because you would know it to be true.  Behind this couple were many loving friends and family members.  A family full of makers, who moved and formed the things around them to be useful, beautiful and functional.  One of these makers is the sister of the bride.  I see her as exuberant and confident.  She was also the maker of the cake at a youthful ten years old.  So, the ten year old made the wedding cake, a cake full of hope, love and good fortune as any wedding cake should be.  After the cake is complete and assembled it was packaged up for a 70 mile car ride.  A car ride that proved disastrous for the cake.  On a curve, the cake became representative of the "Leaning Tower of Pisa" as a deep crack developed.  You can imagine the upset this caused the sister who made the lovely cake.  Knowing the bride and groom, this folly was taken in stride, most certainly with humor.

As one story of many from a wedding in 1968, we celebrate this 50th Anniversary with two cakes, a pristine, perfect cake and a cake with faults.  The memory in this cake is full of love and happiness.