Sunday, December 17, 2017

Story From the Kiln: The Lady and The Snowman

This picture needs a story.  These two ceramic pieces were made by the same student artist.  I appreciated her attention to detail and the care she took in their creation.  You can see this by looking.  Placing them in the kiln they looked like they needed a story.  Actually, the picture demands a story, and it asks us to write the words for The Lady and the Snowman.   Pretty strong to say that a picture demands a story, but this one has been yelling at me since placing them in the kiln! An odd sensation to say the least.  The two pieces are joined for me by their maker and I cannot separate that commonality of their origin.  When I look at this picture it tells me story, as art does when we let it work its magic.

Here are a few starts.  Maybe you can write one/some of your own.

*In a matter of hours the lady and the snowman would be transformed.

*Looking on, the snowman did not sense the lady behind him.

*Worry filled the lady, a worry that she would not see the snowman again.  Their journey to this point had been evolving by the hands of someone else.  Now they were on their own, wondering what would come of them in the next six hours.

Enjoy!  Would love to hear your stories!